XF Thule Roof Bars - How to fix

I have just purchased a 2013 3.0 xf saloon, and wish to fit roof bars. I asked the main dealer where I purchased the car and they have no idea !!
I previously had an S Type, with Thule bars, that fit into screw holes that are located inside the rubber door trim. There appears to be nothing like this on my XF. I know that Thule do make the roof bars for the XF but their instructions do not mention anything about the car’s fixing points. Any ideas please ?

I don’t know f this will help you but I recently got a roof rack for my X Type from the Jag dealer in Calgary. I wanted a rack that used the attachment points on the roof of the X Type rather than the generic ones that clamped on the door frames. I chased my tail, going around to Thule dealers because Thule made the racks for Jaguar. I finally found out that you can’t get an aftermarket rack for a Jaguar from Thule, because the threads are different. I went to the dealer and surprise, they had the Jaguar rack listed. Got it, installed it and it works fine. Try another Jag dealer, or look up the Jag parts catalogue.

Hi Grahame
Thanks for your help, yes I’ll try Jaguar as probably the best avenue.