XJ 1968 launch press photo set

Would anyone out there know if there is photo negative number JM4505 ?

I have a set from JM4500 to JM4509 showing MWK21G which is missing this one and I’ve been looking a long time… now it occurs to me that maybe it doesn’t exist.

Any information appreciated.

You have the actual negatives?
holy smokes

You’re a nut. I love it.

Did you collect them pre or post internet days?

I’ve collected various S1 XJ6 memorabilia … all that came to mind.
Mostly that which was related to my 1972 model however.

Never considered press photos. did some looking around.
Oh brother…sigh…here we go.

But negatives are next level. Wow.
I’ll remember you and keep an eye out.

Over and out

… a misunderstanding here, yes I have a collection of prints, and usually they have a border on which a negative number is printed as an identifier, I wouldn’t have a clue where the negatives are… maybe a dusty filing cabinet at JDHT or maybe they are lost or destroyed.

Mike (1973 DDS S1)


Extraordinary however what one can find online these days. Nothing would surprise me.
They certainly must have them.

Have you considered contacting them directly:

Archive Services Enquiriesarchive@jaguarheritage.com / +44 (0)1926 646 385

Photographic Enquiriesimages@jaguarheritage.com / +44 (0)1926 646 388

That’s a good idea Demian … I’ll give them a try…many thanks

Mike (1973 DDS S1)

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I’d never noticed it, but you are totally correct. JM4505 appears to have never been included in the material sent out. I have both the dealer pack and press pack, both include the same pile of photos, and neither has number 5.

A kind soul at the Jaguar Heritage centre is going to check their image archive to see if it exists (I think they are home working or furloughed so not at the archive at present) - but I’m guessing it doesn’t based on your experience too Nick.

I’ll post the result from JDHC when I get it.

Best regards,
Mike (1973 DDS S1)

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As you’d expect, there’s very little the guys at www.coventryfoundation.org don’t have - including much material JDHT never had because it was produced and distributed in North America alone.

In responss to this thread, their president went to the Foundation files and actually removed the Embargo band from their copy (never opened). The one they have was embargoed [until Thursday 26 Sept (68). It also does not have a photo #5. So evidently all are missing the #5 or someone decided there was an issue with #5. We have JM4500-JM4509 minus JM4505 of course. So while you wait for JDHT to confirm, there is the answer.

JDHC have confirmed that they don’t have JM4505 either so I think we can conclude that it never made it into any PR material… unless of course anyone else says they have got one!

Mike (1973 DDS S1)