XJ-8 vacuum booster and master. A swap to an XJS?

Here is one for the man who has been there. Yes, the Teeves 3 system on the 92 XJS needs to be replaced. I came across a 2000 model XJ8 for a giveaway price, and it has vacuum booster brakes, and was wondering if those parts would work on the 92 XJS. Hood clearance looks good, but not sure about pedal assembly which others say needs changing, when moving away from Mr. Teeves.

I think the hardest part would be to adapt the master cylinder and vacuum booster to the pedals and the car. You might be lucky and they fit right in?
Then you would have to transfer all the ABS stuff, but I think this would be relatively easy as the ABS electronics are usually stand alone units.

Thanks for the input. Everything would have to be measured, as the hood clearance for the existing unit is tight, and I have heard about the pedal assembly not working with earlier retrofits, but has to come from an earlier car with the right pedal assembly. It may be easier to ignore the Jag pieces and buy all aftermarket parts such as Wilwood. I never understood much of Jaguar’s thinking on some matters, and my experience goes back to XK120’s

Possibly something useful in here. The Teves III pedal box bolt pattern is unique afaik.