[xj] 82 VDP

I recently saw something I knew to exist, but had never seen. The first
version of the export Jaguar V12 Vanden Plas, Series III. The VDP in
Jaguar nomenclature wasintroduced in mid-82. Cars for the US market, of
course, were only the 4.2 litre version, but Canadian(and possibly
Australian/NZ cars?) were 5.3 litre only. These 82 cars differ from later
VDP cars in the following ways: first, the console was the 82 console, that
is, without the trip computer. Second, the interior of this particular car
was NOT doeskin as virtually all are, but BISCUIT. I have seen innumerable
VDP cars, but never in biscuit. The seats were the Daimler-style divided
rear seat. Third, the steering wheel, grille emblem and fender emblems
were GOLD on gold, not gold on black as on the xj6. The rear deck lid
had the oblong nameplates as on all the later VDP cars, and finally, the
car had a double pinstripe, unlike the 82 xj6 which had a single stripe.
The VIN of this car was 3406XX, which makes it a late 82. Very interesting
to those who value Jaguar minutiae. The body is in excellent shape,original pai
nt, apparently, and just some bubbling at the windshield. Not for sale.

                                         Gregory Andrachuk
                                         Victoria, Canada