[xj] 86 SIII Auto Trans Model 66 Shift Problems

Hi Everyone,

I can use some guidance.

My Jag is not shifting correctly. Started a few days ago. Heres the
scoop at different temps (FLUID LEVEL IS OK)


Doesn’t want to come out of 1st - just hangs,
trying to shift to 2nd manually doesn’t do anything. Letting up on
throttle sometimes lets it shift but then no engagement.


Shifts better, SEEMS to hang in 3rd after decelerating and then
from a start tries to take off in 3rd. Manual shifting here helps


Works almost ok. Although letting up on the throttle lets it shift
when it sometimes doesn’t want to.

I checked the fluid level and everything was ok, I changed the oil
and filter and adjusted the front band (5 ft lbs - backed off 3/4 of
a turn). The above was the improvement to what was worst.
Before it took a lot longer to get out of the Cold Symptoms.

What else can I do? I did two things at once so I don’t know which
of the two (oil change and band adj) improved the trans shifting.
Are there Servo’s on the Borg Warner trans? Can I tighten the band
more? Can the valve body be dropped out of and cleaned? My
experience is with Ford C-4 and C-6 transmissions. I was thinking of
trying to get a ATRA trans book. Any help or input would be

One thing I learned is that you don’t have to remove the trans cover
to pull back the carpet to get to the front band access plate like
the repair book says that I have.

Thanks in advance, Bob
“Would rather have a Jag on blocks than a ‘_______’ to drive around”

Bob Whiles
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