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<< Hi folks,

Nice to be here and nice to meet all you XJ Jag fans. We have many things in

I’ve just signed onto the XJ list (I’m already on the E-Type, V-12 and
Moderns lists). I’ve signed onto XJ because of a car that I have quickly
developed an infatuation with. It’s a 1992 Ser. III Vanden Plas. I’ve
had several Jags and currently have a 71 Ser. III E-Type coupe in my


  1. The guy also told me only 100 of these cars were imported into Canada in
    92 and says there is a plate on the car, announcing this is No. 36 of this
    line. I didn’t see the plate and didn’t find out about it until I spoke to
    the owner by phone later that day. Anyone ever hear of this? I know the
    last 50 or so E-Types has such plates.

Any other tips/suggestions on this car are welcome.
Thanks in advance to any help offered. I appreciate you taking the time to
Jeff Booth
71 Ser. 3 E-Type >>

Better buy it before Dr Gregory beats you to it. :wink:
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