[xj] Aftermarket SIII XJ6 Rear Door Seals

I am after the holy grail of eliminating spurious wind noise from my '83
XJ6. I believe this is as elusive as trying to eliminate all oil leaks for
any period of time greater than a week. However, in my effort, I have
replaced all four door seals. I used factory seals on the front doors ($110
each), but went to an aftermarket seal from a well-known Jag supplier that
supposedly fit both the left and right rear doors. The main driver for this
was the lower cost, ~$50 each. Unfortunately, this proved to be a poor
choice. The primary problem is the doors are now very difficult to close,
due to both insufficient clearance near the sharp angle at the rear of the
doors, which pinches the seals before closure, and seals that are generally
stiffer than the factory seals. I now get to look forward to chucking the
seals and installing the factory units. For those of you that have done
this (I’ve done it 7 to 8 times between my three Jags), you know this is
not a favorite pastime. I brought the problem of the seals to the attention
of the vendor, but was told only “haven’t heard any complaints before”.
Should anyone be interested in who provides the seals, please contact me