[xj] air plenum, etc

A couple of questions around the intake plenum (manifold)…

  1. There was about 1/2 inch of gas/something in the bottom of the air plenum
    and most was siphoned out. I’ve heard others seeing this. How significant is
    it? Should I leave it, try to soak the rest up via the throttle hole, or is
    there a drain plug?

  2. The aux air device hose, and the hose/pipe from the cam vent and canister,
    have what appear to be short steel push-in fittings at their ends that go into
    the throttle casting. Should these be removable by hand? Should I epoxy them
    in if loose, since they can admit air past the AFM?

By the way, in the course of removing rust around the AFM brackets, I noted
one of the lower rubber isolators was sheared, allowing the AFM to push its
connector and cable around enough so the protective braid was worn off in a
hidden spot. Cleaning the isolator’s ends with Acetone and gluing with a
clear epoxy has seemed to work very well. Also, there’s a piece of sponge
rubber on the back of the AFM bracket that was pretty worn out, so it’s worth
checking there too.



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