[xj] Ball joint gaiters

Ball joint gaiters.

The annual MOT was a while ago; had to replace the Ball
Joint Gaiters as the old ones had come adrift. I’m very
old school and the thought of the sealed for life ones did
not appeal ; especially since they were otherwise fine . I
duly ordered the parts , that is the gaiters , the plastic
collar and the circlips. I also ordered replacement bolts
and nuts so as to have a spare set if needed .
Suffice to say there were delays- busted my splitter, got
posted away for six weeks and etc. and the old frozen bolt
syndrome- lots of heat lots of oil and lots of luck got it
None the less it’s done .
I learned a couple of things. Namely the plastic collar
(C22970)is too small to fit on the ball joint. Unless you
soak it in warm water- then it fits well. Ditto for the
gaiter (C432216). I used a tin of boiling water and let
them both soak for thirty seconds, then fish them our
shake off the water and they fit like they should. As
they have a 5000 mile life expectancy I’ll update you year
after next .

I used a Teng Ball joint separator ( 23 mm AT188)for the
lower ball joints it’s shaped like a bell; for the upper I
didn’t need to use one, just fell out ( I had used one
earlier- a Sealey splitter.
I found that a three foot breaker bar was useful too.
Overall it took about five hours not including the frozen

Happy thanksgiving!–
1986 Daimler Sovereign Laundette.
London, United Kingdom
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