[xj] Better List Use (was V-12 help (for a newer XJ-S))

John Tompane <@John_Tompane>

Trey wrote:

Well I made the swap today with the 92 XJ-S I inquired about the other day
(no responses to my qhestion, BTW–Grrr!).

added later…

OK all you helping hands out there, never mind.

In desperation, I have learned how to extract the most miniscule out of
the archives (i.e. dont search for “fault codes” or “DTC”–search for
“FF14 (in this case)”

Sorry to pick on you Trey, but this brings up a good point regarding list use -
check the archives before you ask a question. Particularly, given that the
question was outside the list’s model expertise. Also asking questions which
are already answered in the archives has the long term effect of screwing up
the archives. The reason you came up with so many responses to a search of
“fault codes” is that the same question gets asked/answered over and over. At
this point the archives are nearly worthless regarding the subject of tires
because the question has been re-asked so many times, with so many
different and subjective answers that a search for “tires” now yields 13,746
matches. I imagine that “pepperpots” and “kent” searches are somewhat less
worthwhile after the last couple of weeks… :slight_smile:

Even if you had joined the XJ-S list the question might have gone
unanswered, because the fault codes began in MY '92. And the vast majority
of post face lift XJ-Ss have the AJ6 engine (and thus subscribe to the modern
list) a post face lift V12 is a pretty rare beast and there might not be anyone
who knows the fault codes for V12 with the engine management system
introduced in '92. But the answer was there in the archives (although I would
double check that the FF14 interpretation you got is for a V12 and not the AJ6

Again sorry to use you as an example Trey, because it is something we are all
guilty of doing. If we all remember to check the archives first, and be aware
that what we post will be in the archives, Jag-Lovers will be a more worthwhile
resource over the long run. OK, Sawyers just kicked the soapbox out from
under me so I’ll shut up.


JT> At this point, I have several

conclusions to make us all feel better.

  1. The -S feels way too heavy. Compared to the VDP (even w/ the bangy sway
    bar) I’d rather slalom Ethyl than this beast.

  2. the 12s aren’t near as smooth as I expected–I can feel the enjine in
    the gas and brake pedal! (Now this may be related to the “FF14” mystery
    problem but I don’t know).

  3. My 85’s brakes feel MUCH more responsive and sure that these ABS
    things. Maybe he has a problem there, too. But the car stops–just not
    like mine (rears rebuilt recently).

  4. The thing “groans” alot–cold startup, hard turning. Steering fluid
    all there, no leaks just noisy.

5)Oil presure tanks at idle and takes a while at speed to come up. This
is almost erratic because sometimes it’s OK.

6–and final) the trim in these, while eloquent, just aren’t what my
comparitively ratty XJ-6 is. Ethyl is far more refined–even without the
convertible top!

I love our cars. This just drives it home even more! If I ever finish
Ethyl (OK–and Bea, the 911) I’m going to find another XJ-6 with too much
windscreen rust and make a ragtop. then I’ll have the best of both. I
even think my 6 is quicker off the line (thanks to some recent hooning).
When I’m in my car, if things feel “fast” I’m going 90. In the XJ-S, I’m
going 40!


85 VDP–Ethyl
and 92 XJ-S–“the houseguest”

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“DOUGLAS DWYER” <@Doug_Dwyer>

Jeb, John, Trey, et al.

I have no objection to Trey’s post nor do I object to the comments made by
John. I agree with Jeb when he remarked about the difficulty of searching
the archives. Why ? Subject lines.

I think we all need to be more specific on the subject lines. Most entries
are just too generic. It would save hours of searching if just 2 or 3 more
words were added to the subject line of the original post.

If you are having a tach problem, for example, why not enter on the subject
line “Tach bounces 2-3000 RPM” instead of just “Tach” ?

Or, “Trip computer blanks out, hot weather” instead of just “Trip

“Tail lamps bulbs burn out every week” instead of just “Tail lamp

Well, you get the idea. I know that it would make ME more agreeable to
searching the archives !

Remember, also, that there is a certain entertainment and camaraderie aspect
to all of this…at least for me. I enjoy a posting from Jeb, Trey, Alex,
Gregory, Charlie and many others regardless of it being a new topic or old .
If this constitutes mis-use of the list then I’d like to know.

That being said, I will concede that some of topics with 30-40-50 threads do
get a bit tiresome, but, as the other listers seem to be tolerant of my
nonsense…well…quid pro quo.

Off my soapbox now.

Doug Dwyer
Longview, Washington USA===================================================
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