[xj] braking and wandering

Pulled the front wheels off last night. Everything looks fine. Bled
the brakes again. There was not any air in the lines. The brake pedal
does not go to the floor. In fact it is almost hard to push. I feel
like I do not have any steering and braking. Any suggestions would be

ConnieFrom: “j.blake” jblake@infowest.com

Since the system has been thoroughly bled looking in the archives a
specific reference to this problem wasn’t found but there were some
posts with similar symptoms. Consulting the service manual as well as
the archives the hard pedal in most cases points to a faulty brake
servo. The servo or the vaccuum check valve can be bad. The car will be
very difficult to stop. The check valve on the earlier III series cars
is located in the intake manifold while the later cars have an external
inline valve. The suggested fix on the early cars is to drill out the
existing valve and install the later inline type. I’m not exactly sure
how to determine the condition of the brake booster other than if the
check valve is good then the booster is a likely suspect for a hard
pedal. You may want to search the archives further or perhaps another
list member can provide an answer on determining the booster’s

The symptom / diagnosis block in the manual lists the following for "
Hard pedal - poor braking. Incorrect pads, Glazed pads, Pads wet,
greasy, or not bedded correctly. Servo unit inoperative. Siezed caliper
pistons. Worn shock absorbers causing wheel bounce."

Good Luck,

Paul Spitzer, AZ