[xj] Chasing rear wheel "power" steer

So. the ‘‘new’’ half shafts from the breaker yard’s low mileage find
were installed last weekend. I’d spend several hours cleaning the
works and greasing every conceivable nipple and hole. FWIW the U-
joints were exceptionally ‘‘free’’ from the get go.

A strong wiggle of each tire in the horizontal and verticle plane
revealed the the lh side wasn’t as tight as I had hoped. A test
ride confirmed some very subtle ‘‘power’’ steering still at the rear
wheels. I found myself almost subconsciously correcting for it when
accelerating and decelerating!! Sheesh!

Today, I went thru the scrap pile of half shafts in my parts bin.
(I keep telling myself I am going to haul all of them down to
Greg’s for recycling!) One had promise, but you can’t really tell
much without mounting it and attaching the big arsed tire (for
leverage). It was perfect. 'Tis too bloody hot for a test ride
today (A/C on the blink). So I’ll have to report back next weekend
as to how much better it is…

Closer examination of the removed shaft’s hub carrier revealed a
horizontal, 4 inch long hairline crack an inch or more above the
outer fulcrum pivot shaft. On the outside. Breakeryard cars with
years of grease over critical areas can sure be trouble, no matter
how low the mileage…–
Ted Macklin/'85 XJ6SIII
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