[xj] Definitive tappet guide removal

OK boys and girls, here is the definitive way to remove your battered tappet
guides in 10 minutes, yes I said 10 minutes. I did this today and it works.
Here is a list of the tools you will need:
1.Dremel tool
2.Metal cutting Roto-Zip bit
3.Shop Vacuum
5.Brass drift
6.Aluminum foil
7.An assistant, preferably one who smells good and is easy on the eyes.

Now for the “How To” part. After removing the valve cover and cam, cover the
area to be worked on with aluminum foil leaving the offending tappet guide
exposed. Wrap foil around the spring. There is a gap between the spring and
the inside of the guide that will allow you to insert the Dremel tool with
Roto-zip bit attached. Have an assistant place the vacuum hose as close to
the guide as possible and use Dremel tool to cut into the inside of the
guide checking frequently that you do not cut completely through into the
head. The trick is to cut a slot leaving about .005-.010" of material
holding the tappet guide together. Using your brass punch and hammer, smack
the side of the tappet guide which will relieve the tension on the remaining
material. It can now be removed easily with a pair of pliers. The procedure
works beautifully with no damage to the head. Hope this helps.

'82 XJ-6
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