[xj] Door Springs

Greetings, all:

Here's one that comes of Karma and nothing else.

Yesterday as I opened up the driver's door, I heard the distinct sound

of breaking glass. However, it turned out to be the failing of the
s-shaped spring that holds the door open: a clean break into two
pieces–obviously the “glass” was the hitting of the fenders as the
pieces went in all directions at once.

Well, everything's still OK except that the door swings freely, and

interestingly, is very well bakanced as it tends to stay in the position
you leave it when the car is level.

I don't have any doubt about getting a replacement spring, but what's

involved in installing it? I hate the thought of screwing around with
such a well balanced door–no way will I ever get it that well-aligned
again–but my pessimistic guess is that the door (or at least the top
hinge) will have to come off.

Comments?  Hanging up to listen.

'86 XJ6 SIII @73K
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