[xj] DOORS and Update on my 79 XJ6L SII

In the last month I have started doing mostly cosmetic work on my
new jag. Currently I am sanding the stupidity of the PO’s off the car,
taking it down to the metal, priming it, and will soon get it painted.
The front end had 6 layers of paint on it (WHY???) and was all
cracked. The bonnet needed to have the hinge bolt plate welded. I am
doing everything completely, even all the way under past the muffler
pipes, I’m using a catalyzed urethane primer and will have it painted
with high quality urethane paint.

The colour is going to be dark,dark,dark burgundy

THE BIG QUESTION IS…I was at a parts yard and found PERFECT 1982 Van
den Plaas interior door panels. The wood was PERFECT. My panels are
water damaged and are not in the best shape. WILL THESE FIT??? I have
the long wheelbase so the should fit. If they do fit, How much should
I offer (I’m in the USA).

My plan for the Interior is to :
Sand and finish dash
Add wood to the centre console, area w/gear lever, ashtrays window
If I can I would like to put the wood trim door panels.
New carpet (price???)
Paint vinyl part to centre console
Re-stitch leather