[xj] Engine offload


I had an hour this afternoon and off loaded the XJ6 engine from my van using
a chain hoist and trolley I purchased this week from Harbor Freight. What a
wonderful tool!

I set the engine down on some plywood that I hope will be enough to ward
away the dampness for a short time. This is a complete engine minus only
the distributor, starter, A/C and alternator.

It can be cranked. I did lift the carburettor pistons and they fell
smoothly with a reassuring “thnuk”. My plan is to remove the head from my
XJ and if it’s too much to rebuild, to use this donor head.

However, now that have a complete engine, and I have a transmission from my
parts car, all I need is a good body and well… :slight_smile:


Here’s what I was thinking. I have had good success using my battery
powered drill in removing stuck nuts by using the slip clutch. That is, I
put a nut driver in the drill chuck, set the clutch at the lowest level, and
run the drill forward and back, allowing the clutch to slip. I gradually
increase the friction until the nut comes loose. Sometimes it does not
work, but most times it does. I believe a big part is the vibration of the
clutch, which alternately applies torque. So now the question, how can I
transmit vibration to the engine head? I soaked the studs in penetrating
and I can wiggle them all at this point, indicating the bond between them
and head is broken.

I was thinking about a reciprocating saw. That kind of motion against the
side of the head, using a rubber block in place of a blade, might transmit
just enough force to break the seal between the two.

What I really need is a mini jackhammer.

Anyway, just thinking out loud.

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