[xj] Fan -dam -go

Arthur Blackwell <@Arthur_Blackwell>

Ken, do you have the infamous " warning light control " that is in the shape of a
flasher can? I had those regularily go out on the Alpine and ditched the setup by
putting in a genuine ammeter setup in the Alpine…

Ken Davis wrote:>

Art Blackwell
Denver, CO

" Even in the future nothing works " Dark Helmet " Spaceballs "

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“Ken Davis” <@Ken_Davis2>

okay a play on words somewhat, but I’m just a little wound up.
Got a panicky call from the son about a very strange ticking the
cat was making… (he’s out with a new(?) young lady). So, into
the triumph jumped I, and off through San Francisco to golden
Gate park area; finally found him; waving me down, most uncool as
the young lady was watching, but highly effective.

Popped open the hood. Oil okay, belts okay… Hmm. Lets check the
replacement fan I put in on the weekend. Turn. Turn. silence…
grind… AHA! Found it. I lumped fireball over the weekend with
the imperial fan, and must’ve bent a vane just a little as I
swearingly reinstalled everything. Well, one blade caught the
housing and bent and every rev. scraped the housing. Got hold of
a couple of pliers and carefully bent it back to a close
approximation of the required shape. Runs fin, little noisy, no
more binding.

The old nylon fan (yellow, but that’s another thread) had major
cracks at 9 of the blades, so glad I replaced it…

I think this was fireball extracting revenge for a partial

Coming home in the TR6, the IGN light lit up… Shee-it! Anyone
know how to diagnose a charging system problem in a TR? Seems to
charge okay, Volts show 12 at idle, 14 at 3000…


South San Francisco
73 TR6===================================================
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