[xj] Fuel filters, was RPMS were SCARY

“Doug Dwyer” <@Doug_Dwyer>

Gregory, et al
I’ll be the one to pick the fly shit out of the pepper on this one. The
factory recommendation for fuel filter replacement, according to my ROM, is
52,500 miles. That’s a maximum interval, as far as I’m concerned.

However, it is impossible for a manufacturer to effectively pre- determine
how long a fuel filter will last. There are so many variables involved, not
the least of which is the quality of fuel in the region in which you reside
and the condition of your fuel tanks ! The factory recommendation is
essentially meaningless. When I lived in Southern California we seldom saw
clogged fuel filters but here in the Oregon/Washington area we frequently
see fuel filters fully clogged at 10-15K miles. (The customers complain that
if the filter clogs at 15K miles it must be “defective” and want free
replacements. This, of course, is silly. A clogged filter has done its job
exactly as intended !)

Off the cuff I’d say every 25K oughta do it unless empirical knowledge
dictates otherwise. Jaguar did indeed select a nice, big fuel filter…wish
more manufacturers did !

Doug Dwyer
Longview, Washington USA----- Original Message -----
From: “Dr Gregory Andrachuk” mgb@UVVM.UVIC.CA

Roland: the S3 fuel filter is not changed every 10,000 miles; it is a huge
thing set for first change I think at 30,000 and thereafter at 50,000

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