[xj] Fuel mileage

Marvin wrote:

Snip: It really feels to me as though it’s loading up at idle. It idles
fine when cold, rough as heck when hot, try to leave from a stoplight in an
dignified manner and it feels like it’s hitting on only a couple of
cylinders. Mash
the pedal to the floor, and after 10 feet or so it, it seems to shake the
out and runs great.<

I’m far from an expert on the SIII engine, but one difference between a cold
engine and a warm one is the operation of the auxiliary air pump (assuming
your car has one). The air pump, added to reduce emissions during startup,
cuts out pushing additional air into the cylinders when the engine reaches
normal operating temps. You may be running very rich, but the additional
air run through the engine while cold may be enough to improve the mixture
so the car runs fairly smoothly. Someone else will have to suggest a
remedy for the rich mixture, if this sounds reasonable.

Tom Golodik