[xj] Fuel pump problem, was Re: XJ Digest V2001 #884

I checked for voltage to the pump and found that it was not getting any.
Does anybody know where to check for the fuel >pump fuse? Anyway…I know
that that is one problem.

There is no fuse on the fuel pump circuit. Go here and select “Fuel Pump
Circuit” for a run-down and then post back if you need more help…


But what has me confused is, I disconnected the wires going to the pump
and put my battery charger on it while the fuel supply hose was disconnected
from the supply pipe under the hood. You could hear gurgling sounds, but no
fuel pumped out of the hose. Whats up with that? Could the pump be turning
but not pumping???

Yes, the pump can turn without actually pumping. Sounds like it’s on the

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