[xj] Headlamp Dimmer Problem Solved

I recently purchased Cibie headlamps and once installed was very
upset that I could not activate the high beams. As usual I
imagined the worse: Faulty headlamp relay ($75) or kaput switch on
the steering column ($100+). Fortunately it was neither.

After removing the two plastic column shrouds and peering into the
base of the turn signal/dimmer stalk one will find that when
pulling the stalk toward the driver the stalk will push against a
copper contact. A simple splash of aerosol contact cleaner on the
copper restored the circuit and my new Cibie high beams came to

The ‘‘splash’’ part took a few seconds - removing and replacing the
plastic shrouds, however, took quite a bit longer!!!–
Bruce Hugo 1980 XJ6 S-III Chestnut Metallic Brown
St. Helens, OR, United States
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