[xj] headrests

The answer to the rear headrest question: rear headrests were available as
an option on ALL S3 Jaguars and Daimlers, and standard on some, after
VIN 328699, that means mid 1981. This statement refers to Britain and the rest
of Europe only, and Australia. The Canadian and US cars did not get rear
headrests until mid 1985, which is why some of you have them on your
85 cars and some don’t. The North American xj6 never had them. In mid-85
the Canadian Sovereign and VDP acquired them and the US VDP as well. BUT
ALL Jaguars and Daimlers after VIN 328699 have the mounting brackets IN PLACE
on the seat frame. That means that anyone with an 82 or later S3 car can fit
headrests in a matter of minutes. All that is needed is to cut two holes
in the rear seat top panel (beyond the pleated leather) to allow the headrest
pegs to enter the bracket. They are secured by nuts. The proper xj6
headrest is narrower by one pleat and higher than the Sovereign and VDP headres
t, but fits exactly the same way. A wrecker is a good source for headrests,
and they can be dyed using Surflex or Leatherique matched to your upholstery
colour. I hope this information is useful.

                            Gregory Andrachuk
                            Victoria, Canada

                            82 xj6 with rear headrests
                            84 Sovereign with rear headrests