[xj] Help with Delanair Mk3 -- Now V12 Hunting


Your V12 hunting is likely caused by an air feed imbalance between the banks
and that is directly caused by the butterfly valves admitting different
amounts of air. Remove the filters, clean the intakes as best you can,
insert a .002 inch feeler at the top of each butterfly throat in turn, and
adjust the screw until it just touches with the feeler in place. I have
tried adjusting to drag on the gauge and have been unsuccessful using that

The air valve feeds both banks and should only be affecting your idle speed.
Anyway, get your hands on Kirby Palm’s free XJS publication (from XJS lovers
list), and also join the V12 list. The V12 looks less intimidating in time
but the space limitations are a challenge.

Steve C.
83 XJ6
78 XJ12

P.S. I would prefer a list more strictly limited to technical information
but then I feel the same way about car clubs generally.===================================================
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