[xj] Is anyone putting a Jag 4SP/OD in their XJ?

I have a 4 speed/ overdrive that came from an early XJ6, that i’m
putting in a MK2. The shift stick position on this XJ box is about
3’’ back too far. I need a trans. top cover from a later 3.8S, 420,
or any 4.2E (a full syncro box - not a Moss box). The box tops are
inter-changable, they bolt right in. If there’s anyone out there
that has a tranny out of one of the above cars that he’s going to
put in an XJ (with or without overdrive), and has found he needs a
top cover with the stick back a few inches, let me know. I’d like
to trade. I’ll even throw in a clutch pedal for an XJ that I just
put in the classifieds, for free as well as a console ‘‘ski slope’’
with the small square hole where the shift stick comes up (I
haven’t seen it in years, but i’m sure it’s here somewhere).

The stick position on the MK2’s trans is the same as the 3.8S, 420,
and the XKE’s.

I don’t go on line that often, so I may not reply in a few days.


Virginville, Pa., United States
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