[xj] I've blown my fuse. What amperage replaces it? (was: She's really mad...)


That did the trick! The fuse was burnt out at the end – a little hole right
in the middle of the end cap.

While we’re on the subject of fuses, I seem to recall a discussion somewhere
of the fuse rating differences between the U.S. and the U.K. Do I have this

In the U.K. they rate fuses by the maximum short burst of amperage they can
handle before blowing, and in the U.S. they measure them by the sustained
amperage. The short burst amperage is generally about double the sustained
amperage, so the 50 amp Lucas fuse I removed (and is indicated on the fuse
box door), can be replaced with a 25 amp Littlefuse.

Am I a genius or a dope?

I have a 25 in there now, and it didn’t blow during a two minute test at
high fan.

Thanks again, Gregory,

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Mark: please REPLACE the fan fuse (50 amps I think), with a new one. 7
ago my fans shut down suddenly. I checked the fuse. Looked perfect. A call
to my mechanic produced this advice: “replace the fuse, mate!” I did. That
was 7 years ago. Climate control works perfectly.