[xj] Kroil and Kreen by Kano


Has anyone used a product called KREEN made by Kano?

For the last year, I’ve used “Kroil”, a “liquid wrench” type product that’s
excellent. It’s also made Kano.

I got a flyer from them today touting the virtues of “Kreen Magic Motor
Tonic” that “dissolves sludge, varnish and binders in carbon formations.”
You supposedly add a pint to your oil and a pint to a tank of gas every
thousand miles.

This sounds ideal for the engine I have that has not run in 10 years as a
way to clean things out. But, I’m always skeptical about any product with
the word “magic” in the name. However, Kroil’s performance gives the
company credibility.

I’d be happy to hear of any experience with Kreen.

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