[xj] leaper update

Hello cat lovers,

I took the cross over valve out of the leaper yesterday. I found the
the body was able to turn freely about the inlet connections. I
replaced it with anoher valve off a donor car. I had used carb cleaner
and worked the valve a lot with a 12v battery. Works great! Now the
leaper has two full tanks!!!

Next, I have to replace the fuel filter.

My back seat is being re-dyed as I speak. I will refit it into the car
and then start with the passenger front seat. Digital photos for those
interested in the results.

I drove the cat for some time today, I enjoyed it and of course thought
what else I need to do to make it more perfect. I must be careful here
lest my checkbook exceed the valve of the finished car…[ Dr. A knows
I’ll likely spend whatever it takes inspite of overall value]

Tyres, re-dye of carpets, and radios up next. Did someone say they had
good luck with Koyos?

Thanks for all the support and help so far.

BTW I HAVE to finish painting my wife’s 74 Alfa or I am in deep trouble
come Easter. [she is putting it in the Easter car show in St.Louis]



who drives happy along the highway with his leaper showing the way…__________________________________________________
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