[xj] Lining up the holes on the camshaft flange and adjuster plate


I got the camshaft flanges bolted to the serrated adjuster plates in the
timing chain sprockets on Saturday. In doing so, I realized something not
obvious to me from the manual.

The manual says, in essence, that if you can’t line up the hole in the
adjuster plate with the hole in the camshaft flange, to rotate the plate 180
degrees and the other hole will work. I assumed, incorrectly, that the
holes in
both were not at the 0 degree and 180 degree marks, but slightly off, and
that you had to match up the holes with its mate.

Do to circumstances that are not germane to this posting, I tried bolting a
spare adjuster plate to the flange of a spare head. The serrated chain
sprocket was not attached and therefore it was easy to bolt the
plate to the flange in any of four locations. The holes ARE at
the 0 and 180 degree marks (in the plate) and at the 0, 90, 180 and 360
degree mark
on the flange. Without the serrated sprocket, you can bolt it easily any

What the manual is saying is that the SERRATIONS are such that only one of
the two ways may work (I’m not sure if it’s a “may” or a “will.”)

The point being is that you are not mating up the two plates in the correct
orientation, but rather making certain that the serrations are in the
correct location for the two holes to line up. If they are not, turning the
plate 180 degrees will expose serrations in the correct location.

I’m sure it says that somewhere in the manual, but it was not obvious to me
and wanted to share it with others who may struggle with this issue.


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