[xj] looking for spin-on oil filter housing for 4.2L XK engine

I have an early Series II XJ6C and I am looking for a later spin-on oil filter
housin assembly so I can convert from the canister type of filter. Any chance
anyone on this list has one laying about?–
Steven A. DuChene @sduchene


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Did you find a spin-on oil filter conversion kit? I have an XJ6C and want one as well.

You can use a Series 3 filter head - standard fitment was a spin on filter. Here is one fitted up to my 1962 E type. Also have same on my 1972 XJ6. Both sourced from my friendly Jaguar wrecker. You just have to block on hole - easily done. Also boosts oil pressure. Job done with all OEM parts!

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You will need to specify whether you need one with or without the oil cooler fitting(s). I have a pair of '69 E-types that I converted to spin-on filtres using XJ6 mounts. One is made for use with an oil cooler. I had to remover the inner oil cooler by-pass valve, and use a 1/4" plate with reinforcer to cap the top, where the hoses go in. They both work great. I am also running a mechanical oil pressure gauge on all my XK engine cars.

Very helpful, thank you.

I don’t have a oil cooler. Has the mechanical oil pressure gauge proven to be more accurate?

The electrical gauges in our cars have notable reliability problems, especially the senders. Many times it has been suggested to people posting about their pressure reading questions that they have a mechanical gauge plugged into the system to verify the true readings. If you run a capillary tube from the filtre head to the dash and use a mechanical gauge in the dash, you can stop worrying about what the actual pressure is. I drive my cars, they are not garage queens, so I want practical and ‘reliable’ solutions when possible.


Hi Steve,

Pretty sure I have what you need for the spin on adapter. I’ll send photos if you like. Got it in a parts lot I bought, my coupe is already converted. Where are you? If you have been sorted out I’ll message Chris Hauser instead.