XJ Manual pedal boxes

Two 94-97 XJ X300 pedal boxes. Probably fit at least late (93/94) if not all XJ40 6 &12 and quite probably 97-2005 X308 firewall too, but you will struggle to find a manual transmission for the V8s due to electronic control issues (It has been done in the UK at least.)

One with booster still attached, both with master cylinder (new masters available separately). Practically non-existent in N. America but used in rest of world. Ideal for fast road work. Check fitment, scale footprint diagram available.

$215 each (less than I paid years ago)

Collect from Maryland or add shipping to anywhere at cost.

Contact information 910 398 3620:

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Peter now you are being an absolute tease :frowning:

Peter, are these still available ? If so, 2 questions please :

  1. Are these from a left, or a right hand drive car ?
  2. Will these fit / work with a XJS, with ABS ( 89 ) ? I can’t seem to find the answer to that one anywhere. All the manual pedal boxes available seem to be from earlier XJ 6’s ( which work ) .
    Thanks in advance, stay healthy !

Hi Vic

The XJS boxes are different and on a more sloping base. These are from ABS cars and RHD I think.the castings are the same it’s just the bend in one or other pedal somertimes needs adjusting. One has a metal accelerator one has plastic but your existing accelerator would presumably stay.

Thanks Peter. 1/2 way there. Expected them to be RHD. Just means " bending"
the clutch pedal. I just have to insure that these are the same as the earlier xj6’s.
I’ll post the ? on the site somewhere. Someone will know. I’ve only ever heard of the earlier ones being used on a xjs conversion. But that could be due to the fact your model with a 5spd was even rarer, harder to find.
Let you know what I find out.
Thanks for the quick reply…Stay healthy !

AFAIK the pedal boxes on every Jag I’ve seen are the same for manual auto and LHD. On autos the clutch master is blanked off or needs to be drilled & tapped for a master. They may be worth having just for the pedals, springs and spacers etc.

Hi Peter,

are they still available. I wonder whether they would fit into a 1993 XJ81. Have you ever tried this ?

Kind Regards

Harald Schnieder

Guten Tag Harald.

Ja, ich glaube nochmals eine zu haben. Konten sie mir bitte die Laengte un Breite abschicken, oder veilleicht eine gutes Foto von Ihre auto teile


Hallo Peter,

vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort. Anbei sind Aufnahmen der Automatik Pedalbox von meinem XJ81 1993.

Mir ist aufgefallen, dass der X300 einen Bremskraftverstärker hat, also ein komplett anderes System. Kann man das überhaupt mit vertretbarem Aufwand umbauen ?

Wahrscheinlich brauche ich eine manuelle Pedalbox vom 1993 oder 1994 XJ81….


Harald Schnieder

Ach, Harald! Bitte entschuldigen Sie mich. Diese Teile habe ich heute nicht mehr!

I remember I sold the last one some weeks ago.
It was (I think)?the same casting from an X300 but machined for a clutch master and with the extra pedal.

The X300 brake servo is different (I still have it) but some XJ40 people like to use the X300 brake system.