[xj] Misfire success

I think I have successfully taken care of my misfire. I had narrowed it
down to the number 2 spark plug (from back of the engine), I thought.
Went out and bought a new Bosch Platinum plug and install it. No change.

Pulled the distributor and found corroded and pitted contacts inside.
Rotor was in decent shape. Spent two days filing the distributor contacts
smooth again, then chickened out and went and got a new distributor cap
and rotor from NAPA for around $32.00. No change; misfire still present.

A couple of plug wires were leaking voltage around the spark plug boots.
So I ordered a new set of 7mm Magnecor Ignition cables for $37.00. They
have a Jaguar special going on now. Really nice, quality cables; they are
black. Boots fit really snug on plugs. But no change in misfire.

Getting pretty frustrated at this point. So it must be the Bosch Platinum
plugs. Got a set of Champion N12YRs and installed them. Misfire was still
present for the first 5 minutes or so of idling, but gone now. Ran great
last night and today. Now if the coil and Amplifier holds out, I should
be set for awhile.

My next area of torture will be the climate control system, as it is
starting to get warm here in the “deep south.” I’ll do a separate post on
this, because I’m out of my league on how to troubleshoot the A/C.

82 XJ6

Sports Alloy

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