[xj] My 1st change of Coolant? (Happy Details)

Well excuse my enthusiasm, but I’ve just changed my radiator coolant for
the 1st time. I see that the bolt used to drain the engine block is in
a hard to reach place. It’s a large bolt indeed small wrenches need not
apply. Luckily my brother has a collection of larger wrenches. I finally
found the tools and with an extended drive wrench, I loosened the bolt
and drained the coolant. I also removed the expansion tank cap and out
came the coolant. Due to low Cat clearance some antifreeze (about 1/2)
is now in the sewer. I wanted to study the environment (HS dreams) so I
do apologize for the Exxon type spill. Next time I’ll use a ramp!

I ran a hose thru the expansion / Header tank and saw the clear water
run out the block of course with the engine running. I stopped the
engine and turned off the water and waited for it to drain. Then I put
the plug back in the block and got my second Jag-Bite (boy that exhaust
pipe under the shield is hot). I added a gallon of antifreeze and then a
gallon of water. That was my 1st mistake the manual said to mix the two
before adding it to the system. During the 5 min run the coolant light
stayed on and worried me a bit. I caught it only after I added the
antifreeze so I followed it with almost a gallon of distilled water.
Ran the engine for 5 mins. on defrost and let cool. Then I checked to
see if more coolant was needed. Each time I filled the tank to the base
of the filler neck. Well after the cool down I added some more
antifreeze and water to fill her up. But everything turned out ok once I
did my second filling or topping off.

I’m so proud! Just love taking care of my Cat. While working on my Cat a
gentleman walking down the street said, " Could I borrow that Jag for
just one night". Of course he was kidding or at least I hope so, I
smiled continued working on my Cat.

Thanks for holding my hand O’ Great Jagmasters!

NE. Div.
87 6 S3 VDP Fed. (3DPO)===================================================
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