[xj] Need Advice-Buying SI XJ6

I’m a regular on the xj40 list, but posting here for advice on
buying a SI XJ6. I’ve owned several SII cars and couple of xj40’s
amoung other XK’s over the years, and always apprciated the clean
lines of the SI cars but never had one. I looking at a '72 with
101,000 miles, minor rust lower rear left door sill under recent re-
spary and dried out interior- wood hairy and seats sun split.
Engine runs ruff and will not pass emissions test, weak brakes at
low idle, shifs ok, ac has been removed from the car, new radiator
and origional glass. Crome is excellent, minor body work
showing/popping at rear wing. Oil leaks everywere as expected. I
can buy it for less than $1000.00. Any advise as to what to expect
to deal with mechanical wise would be appreciated. Is price
reasonable considering I can do most of own work. Since I am not
on the xj list please cc my e-mail at @tom_keohan on your
response. Thanks–
tom keohan
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