XJ needs to be moved after 20 years... help please

you mean like the windscreen that sleeps in my bedroom…

Indeed. Do you use it as a mattress or as a duvet;-)?

At the time I did my part restoration in the car park I had the entire interior, in particular all seats underneath my bed. Good it was a Ford! The seats, once cleaned thoroughly were unobtrusive from an olfactoric perspective … the Jag’s intense and unstoppable leather and foam scent would have frozen my romantic life … my son recently remarked: “Dad, I can’t believe even the crate of mineral water you bought smells Jag!”.

Good luck for the two of you - you’ll make it!


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)


Almost always a bad CVJ.

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Just an update on this. What everyone was saying was correct as usual. All it needed was a bunch of grease. Then properly executed it closes perfectly fine without any adjustments. The struts were very strong for the first week or so. They have since given in a bit and now it works great. Normal behavior I would assume. So the very long hunt for a very close gas strut match that does not cost 160$ for the pair turned out to be a success.

The original that I pulled out read Lift-O-Mat by Stabilus number: 106100 (no longer available)
I went with Stabilus 146748. out of a Mercedes SLK (R170) these are a bit stronger but I think it is fine.


Yes I found the problem today. Mind you this car as always been serviced at the SEAT dealership in Spain… I do not think the zip tie is part of the “normal” maintenance. Since the cracking sound has been worse and worse and this has obviously been messed with before I opted to order a whole new assembly. Will take care of it next week when I get the part.

Alright Seat got a new CV assembly. Remarkable easy to work on when there is NO RUST on a car! They don’t put salt on the roads in Spain so until this year the car has never seen a salty street. To bad the Jag went all over Europe before the long beauty sleep in Spain.

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