XJ needs to be moved after 20 years... help please

I’d vote for a renaming, Lou…:slight_smile:

Congratulations on your relocation and contentment - but I would honestly prefer may cars at my place of abode. Even as I did have the Jag 400 meter away was ‘inconvenient’ - and more so as I aged…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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If you don’t have your car Right There with you, it will be inconvenient to clean, maintain and even drive as you will need to Go Get It for everything.

Then after a while, it’s just too much work and effort, and the car will sit neglected (because you have to go all the way over there) and deterioration will accelerate until it’s Junk!

The after a while, during which time you’ve kept it because you can’t bring yourself to part with it but you have hardly even looked at it, it will be Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Days you don’t even think of it will become weeks, will become months, will become Years.

Mice will take up residence and destroy everything soft (they Will get in!), and what was once your beloved, well-kept Jag will be a piece of Junk that your heirs will have to dispose of.

I have seen this happen with my own eyes!

Bring your car home!
Put it Right next to your house (better yet, an attached garage) so you can go out Easily to pet it once in a while, and DRIVE IT OFTEN!


Keep it as close as you can. I like to look at mine from my office window while I’m on work calls:


Thank you for the responses on the question finding a new storage space for my 75 XJ6. Let we give you some background on the storage of the Jaguar up to this point.

Up to two years ago, we lived in a small city, Scranton Pennsylvania, USA. I work was about a mile from our home. My commute to work was about 4 minutes.

The house we lived in was about seventy years old when we moved in (1975). It was the carriage house for the home next door. If you are not familiar with it, a carriage house is where the horses and carriages were kept. When we bought it, the house had been renovated into a duplex (a two family house). When our kids came along, we turned it into a single family house.

With regard to the idea of storing the Jaguar in our current garage We have a good size two car garage. My wife stores her car there, my car is stored outside.
The other half of the garage is used for yard equipment including a huge riding lawn mower, and numerous garden tools. We do have the space in the backyard to extend the garage for the garage. But on reflection, I think it would be better to have the Jag storage at a close, but separate location.
Another issue is the fact that I have a complete workshop in my current garage including a compressor, and a large saw table, a drill press, joiner and other large tools. I think it would be best is I either lease or buy a two car garage where I can store the Jaguar and all the tools I have collected over the years. In addition, when I am working on the car I won’t be directed by certain others, or interrupted or tempted to do other home jobs.

I think you mentioned you have room to add a “lean to”

As long as it keeps the sun & rain off your vehicle

That is what I would do

Here is what I did; bought the wife a car with remote start, and replace it with same every 2-3 years. I then told her how much we would save by not paying for storage on the Jaguar, and how old cars need to be garaged more than new ones. For the last 17 years my 2 hobby cars are in the garage and her car stays outside. YMMV…

Ah, Yezzz, the “Lack of Interruptions.”
That, sir, is Priceless!

I agree with LnrB 1000%. My daily brand X driver sits outside on the street, and even if I won’t be driving the Jag that day, visits to the garage to ‘visit’ are de rigeuer several days a week.

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the wife, or the car?

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I guess either would work; in my case the car. Forgot, it also has to have heated seats.

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Much better than my "efforts onm a little Flux wire MIg I was decent with gas. And amost decent with a stick welder.

As said, mine were rarelyh pretty but strog, and when grund, very acceptble/

Years ago teddy can entettained us with his advancement in MIg. Amazing feats. some a bit oddl

I found my material in various places. Teh cover from deceased coputer, micro wave and some auto metal. Avoid the asian car metal, it is tough to weld, even for the rofessionals.

i enjoyed my welds.

Stil;; wonder if tht is why I had cataract surgery???

Those new(ish) self-darkening welding helmets are phenomenal and make it much easier.


Yes, I bought one of those as well definitely worth the money.

For sure. My neck has artritis of long standing. that fli needed with the old helmets did it nmo good. it hurt!

The MIG I got from Hf came with a paddle like shield Hod with one hand and weld with the ther. Hilaros. tosseed immediately! splurged on the slf darken unit,. so much better.

as to my MIg, f I ever try it agaion. I just never maged the trigger feed. lways too much wire fed to the uddle.


They are called harlequin masks: they’re actually pretty handy if you’re in a awkward area that you can’t have a helmet on. There have been many times where I’ve been underneath a vehicle, and I just could not make the helmet work, but a harlequin mask will.

If you have ever watched the Youtubes of the Pakistani guys that do epic heavy duty truck parts repairs, thats all they ever use, and I can see why, but they are doing big welds, if you need 2 hands to guide the gun on small sheetmetal welds, you need the helmet, I have a “solar” powered one for years, and its great

I just fix the light in my gear lever. One of the wires had broken off the connector. I couldn’t figure out how to get the pin out so I chipped off the corner and soldered a wire on.

I noticed that I have an intermittent thing going on I saw some light while I was moving the shifter but when the gear was in place it was dark… I will have to investigate but its pretty low on my list for now. I will get to that stuff once I have her street legal.

At this point I am guessing the list will never end right?

Off topic: I saw a beautiful dark red XJ S3 in impeccable shape drive by. Not sure that was even an original color but it looked stunning.

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Take heart, this list will eventually get to the point where improvements are optional, and to be made at your leisure, if at all. That’s the point where the enjoyment arrives, when you do things because you want to, not because you need to.


Kevin’s right.

When I bought my Daimler about 3 years ago I found that I hadn’t checked it out thoroughly enough and there was a long list of things wrong with it.

3 years down the line they are nearly all done, and the ones that aren’t done can wait until I’m in the mood :grin: