[xj] new Fog lights, Blow fuses


The Hella 550’s are rated @ 55 watts.
This means, a 20 amp fuse is more than sufficient
for both lights.
If you are blowing 30 amp fuses,
you definitely have a short circuit to ground.
Especially with only one light hooked up.

Check ALL wiring you have added inch by inch…
look for bare wire touching the chassis,
a sharp edge on the chassis where the wire passes,
also inspect, the light socket inside the lamp.
You got them for a steal remember??
The P/O may have had them apart,
and wired something wrong, or even
pinched a power wire where it can’t be seen.

If you need I will send you a wiring diagram,
and instructions as to how to wire in the relay.

Lumps Admin.*****************************************

Jpatrix@aol.com wrote :

Many thanks to all that replied to my fog light installation question.
Sawyers especially, I did find the wire taped to itself on the right side as

you described. Well, I am still blowing fuses up to 30 amp and am hesitant
to go higher until I find what the circuit should run at. The Hella 550’s I

purchased were a deal off Ebay at $30.00 USD. But you get what you pay
for…no installation directions…although being an engineer, who needs 'em

eh? I will try to verify through the Hella website as to the amperage they
should draw & maybe get a set of directions too. The relay & fuse block
included (used) has a 20 amp fuse included. I would imagine that the lights

draw a higher amperage and the relay helps step this down ( I’m an ME not an

EE so bear w/me). Even w/one light hooked up, positive only, the fuse will
blow. I am taking them into work tomorrow and have one of my EE friends
at them in our electrical lab. I will update when I get more answers.
Thanks to all again.

J. Patrick Bloem
East Grand Rapids, Mich.
86 VDP 98k, Cranberry/Doeskin (still foglightless)
68 TR250 92k, White/Black

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