[xj] New Lenses for XJ6 Vanden Plas reading lights/interior lights

Hi guys,

I have taken to making molds lately for my other hobby,
retro arcade games. In my quest to create a joystick which
is opaque yet can be lit up with an LED I also realized that
I could use my newfound mold making skills to reproduce
those little bits of plastic on our XJ’s that go brittle
with age. Specifically, the small round lenses which melt
after years of use for the interior rear passenger reading
lights and the interior door-ajar lights.

I have successfully created a mold for each and they look
and function great! I was shocked to learn that the little
round lenses are 75 dollars apiece, and the square lenses
are 50! This whole project cost me less than a dollar in
resin – I already had the silicone left over from my other

Anyways, let me know if anyone is interested in how it can
be done on the cheap, or if anyone needs a new one created!
Those plastic threads will only last so long!–
Tyler Werrin, 1984 Jaguar XJ6 Series 3 w/ 1994 Camaro t56
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My 86 Vanden Plas is missing the lens for one of the pull down rear reading lights. I am interested in learning how I can acquire a replacement. How did you create a new lens?

Hi Tyler! I was searching specifically for a Vanden Plas maplight lens and came across your excellent write up? I wonder if the offer still stands to have you create a resin one for me. I’d be very grateful. Happy to cover costs and shipping. My email is rasputin289@gmail.com. Thanks much! BrianK in San Diego.