[xj] No Power, Follow up

I did remove the catalytic converter. There was a considerable amount of
build up on the ceramic ports. (looked allot like dryer lint, but hard.) I
replaced the converter with only a minor increase in power.
I then wanted to check the timing. In the book (Jaguar Book) I found a
section on setting the timing for an XJ12. A few pages later I found a
section on static timing for the XJ6. With the engine NOT running, set the
timing mark on 6 deg BTDC with the rotor pointing to the number 6 cylinder.
Adjust the rotor so that the timing tooth and the magnetic pickup was
aligned. To my surprise it had been set correct, maybe a little high. I made
the minor adjustment and started the car It did idled better, then I had
problems backing out the drive, there was zero power.
In the front of the book there was a section on general spec’s. I
noticed that the timing info was 14 deg BTDC with the vacuum off. I asked
myself what would it matter if the vacuum was off if the car was not
running. So I digressed and returned to the good old days of setting the
timing with a timing light. I removed the vacuum and set it to 14 deg BTDC
and locked her down.
I can now blow the doors off the neighbors Corvette. HA! not even a
challenge. I also made a small adjustment to the distributors pickup tooth
gap, and my Idle smoothed out to perfection. My gas mileage jumped to 18.2
The idle is a little fast about 1100 RPM, I looked for the AFM idle
adjustment, and could not find it. If someone would point me to it I would
be grateful.

Thanks to all who helped:-)

Gordon Varney