[xj] NOISY A/C IDLER! How can I remove the A/C Compressor idler to replace the bearing?

Hello all,

I hope someone can help me out with the following:
With the A/C belt removed the A/C idler runs smoothly but makes a horrible
“rolling noise”. It sounds like the bearing lost all it’s grease! There is
no play but I won’t be surprised if the belt starts smoking soon!

  • How can I put some grease in the bearing? … if it is possible…
  • How can I remove the clutch to acces the bearing? Can I just remove the
    big nut from the front? Can I leave the compressor in place?
  • How can I remove the old bearing? With a hydraulic press?
  • Can this job be done without specific GM 6 tools? I saw all the McGyver
    episodes… no special tools needed…

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