[xj] O2 Sensor Followup

Many thanks to Lew, Kelly, Chad, Greg, Paul…

For all the info on O2 sensors and their cost. Needless to say I
didn’t buy the $196 variety, in fact, I haven’t bought one yet,
as from digging through old PO maintenance records, the sensor
was replaced when the exhaust was replaced in '95, about 30K
miles ago.

I ran some test on it with my lil ol’ multimeter. It has 3
wires, a black single wire to a single connector, and 2 white
wires to a double connector. The only reading i get is across
the 2 white wire, about 8-10 ohms I read. I didn’t get a read at
all on the black (single) wire, to either of the white wires, and
even a direct to earth didn’t register. The 2 white wires…
both register an almost open circuit when each is tested from
wire to engine (earth). When the engine is running, i get the
same result; no resistance/voltage reading, showing an open
curcuit… I am hazarding a guess that it’s busted, since I can’t
seem to get a read out of it… Is this a correct assumption?



San Fran, xj7, SIII, 1987