[xj] "One Adam Twelve, respond to call of Lister Needs Assistance."

One of our Texas area listers, Dennis Shea, is on a driving trip through
the west - specifically California, Arizona, NM, etc. He’s having a few
problems with his XJ (moderate transmission leak) and may appreciate the
offer of a driveway in which to work on his car or other assistance.

If you’re anywhere in those three states and can assist, please send him
a mail at dennisms@swbell.net, or call him on his cell phone at
817-706-0097. He is or was scheduled to be in the San Francisco area
today, and will be returning via I-10/I-20, etc. If you can assist,
please contact him - both he and I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

Henry Fok
XJ Web Admin, Jag-Lovers.org

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