[xj] Re: Broken Vacuum Hose

I replaced all of my vacuum lines on my '73. I had to remove the plate in the console where the shifter is mounted. Then I removed the radio panel with the climate controls. Remove the pass side underdash tray. You can pull back the carpet and the console side and expose all of the lines(3). Then I removed the plate on the firewall and ran the new lines. Behind the radio is the controler for the heater. All of the lines can be removed and replaced here. They are easily traced and re-routed using the old lines to pull the new ones. Depending on how bad you want it to be correct is whether on not you disassemble the cabin. I found it easy.
All lines in the engine bay will be brittle, soft on the inside.

Copied>Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 08:00:57 -0500
From: Lou Danzico danzico@voicenet.com
Subject: [xj] Broken Vacuum Hose


There are three, small diameter black rubber hoses that exit the
bulkhead wall on the intake side of the engine, low down, beneath the
battery tray but above the box rail.

One is a vacuum hose that, I think, controls the diaphragm that opens
and closes the fresh air inlet in the scuttle,

Unfortunately, this hose was brittle and broke just as it exits the
bulkhead. I have a 1/2" stub sticking out of the wall.

I assume it goes to the heater control on the cabin side.

I could fix the break by splicing a new section of hose on with a barb
or replace it from end to end.

I have not looked in the cabin to see what route the hose follows. Has
anyone changed this hose and if so, how much of the dash must be
disassembled to get at it?

At the moment, the dash is completely intact and I have no other reason
to disassemble it.

71 XJ6

Mike S.E. Washington 1973XJ12 305/700r4

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