[xj] Re: cow bells

Hi Eric

In the FAQ file on the XJ website
(http://www.jag-lovers.org/xjlovers/xjfaq/cowbells.htm) there are
instructions to correct the cow bells. If you have a S3 with sunroof,
it is a bit harder to repair it.

But in short this is what you do. Lie down in your boot and look up at
the rear parcel shelf and you will see a large black petal plate which
is help up by 8 nuts (6 x 5/16" and 2 x 3/8" I think). It is also
connected to 2 rubber tubes to the side of the car (drainage).

If you have a sunroof, remove the cover to the sunroof motor and ECU.
The sunroof is held by 4 bolts. You can only remove the nuts to the
bolts, which is only accessible when the rear seats are removed. The
sun roof motor is linked on the other side of the rear seat backing to
the cables that control the opening and closing of the sun roof panel.

You will notice 2 nuts (or was it screws) which hold the cables to the
motor/gear. Loosen them (I removed the motor, although in the FAQ they
mentioned that this need not be done.) Once the sun roof motor is
removed, return to the boot and you will notice that the inner most
(towards the front of the car) nuts will now be accessible. Remove all
8 nuts, and use a screw driver to slowly lever the plenum out. It is
held up by the glue/sealant thingy, as part of the plenum is actually
where rainwater will flow through.

Once removed you should check for rust. If there is rust, removed the
rust, sand to metal, put some anti-rust, use fibre glass to patch and
repaint. You can use any material you think would be good replacement
to stop the cow bells. I used some plastic packaging.

Good luck

Alan Khaw

saw your recent post on stating you fixed the cowbells. I’ve searched
archives and cow bells are often mentioned but no one detailed how they
fixed it. When i shut my doors the bells (flaps) clang. WHat did you
do?>Not 100% sure but i assume the cow bells are caused by the two flaps
accessed thru the trunk backseat wall.


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