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(The Macquarie Dictionary)


/hoohn/ noun Colloquial 1. a loutish, aggressive, or surly youth: *Down the
highway we go …three of us across the front seat like real hoons with our
elbows out the windows. --TIM WINTON, 1986. 2. a fast, reckless driver of
cars or boats. 3. a foolish or silly person, especially one who is a
show-off. 4. one who lives off the proceeds of prostitution. --verb (i) 5.
to drive fast and recklessly. [20th cent.; origin unknown]


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Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 15:44:53 -0500
From: Loudon Seth sethl@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: [xj] Re: Fender Leaper badge removal

Loudon Seth sethl@earthlink.net

Hi Ron -

“Hoon” is an Australian term. As I understand the term it refers to those
given to garish modifications to their vehicles, serving no practical
purpose, and also given to displays of crass and boorish highway behavior.
As such, Doug is our King, because of his penchant for the first rather
than the second of those attributes…

For a more accurate and complete definition, I refer you to our antipodean

85 VdP, Josephine, 69K
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At 14:35 -0500 5.2.0, RERON25@aol.com wrote:


Okay Louden,

I give up. At the risk of sounding stupid and for those newer list
members,> >WHAT IS A OR AN HOON.


86 VDP

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