[xj] Re:injector cleaning

I had mine done at Linder Technical services on Gasoline Alley in
Speedway(Indianapolis.) They charge $ 25. per injector and do a job
similar to the one mentioned below by Justin. They supply some of the
seals and O-rings also. I carefully took off my fuel rail with the
injectors still attached and took it in but they receive many mail-ins.
Turn around is 1-2 days. In my case, price included new fuel lines and
clamps. Their phone no is 317-487-9460. I have no affiliation with them.


1985 xj6 165,000>Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 16:43:47 -0500

From: “Justin G. Cordesman” shadow@darksideresearch.com
Subject: Re: [xj] injector cleaning BS

I’m just going to get straight to the point. Injector cleaners that are
additives to the fuel tank do not work, and never will work. You can take
my word for it, or you can just listen to the guys at Bosch who design them.

If you actually need to get injectors serviced, the best place to have it
done is Marren Motorsports, you can find their ads in GRM, FF&R, probably
even Car and Driver and whatnot. They flush, blackflow, ultrasonically
clean, and flow balance the injectors. By the time they’re done, they will
not only have better spray patterns than they did new, but they’ll have the
flow rate through all of them calibrated to less than 2% total spread.
They also give you a printout of flow before and after, and tell you which
ones were dirty or had bad spray patterns etc.