[xj] re-introduction

Hi listers
I just thought that since Craig has kindly solved the problem of why I’ve
been able to receive messages, but been unable to send them to the list, I
might make some use of this renewed liberty and re-introduce myself after
some absence. My car is a Series III XJ6 built in November 85 and first
registered in the UK in early 86. It’s a metallic antelope colour although
my youngest daughter describes it as closer to something associated with
errr… something rather horrid, produced by people with upset stomachs.
That’s my phrase not hers. Her description is rather more graphic. It’s a
base model - in other words - no aircon, no computer and cloth upholstery,
although I’ve recently installed a beige leather interior from a Sovereign
which is a great improvement. Now I’m saving my pennies for importing some
Leatherique into the UK.
I bought the car from a friend who, I’m pleased to say is still a friend.
Most of the work I’ve done on it over the last 18 months has been essential
maintenance to keep it on the road (it’s a daily driver) or desirable work
(I love it) to get back into shape those things that have not worked for
years. Examples range from replacing the auto gearbox when reverse decided
to expire, to spending 5 hours last weekend trying to understand the wiring
diagrams and a further 5 hours finding an in-line fuse that had blown
rendering the fibre optic instrument lights useless. I’ve always been
bothered by the fact that the amber bulb failure warning lamp in the speedo
housing was permanently lit. I poked about in the boot the other evening
and discovered that lying alongside the bulb failure module is yet another
in-line fuse that had blown. Once replaced, the problem was solved. A
really simple answer to a problem that’s bugged me for 18 months.
I know there are some major tasks looming. I seriously need to re-bush the
front and rear suspension and give the steering some attention. Then
there’s the bodywork, which displays the same sort of problems as almost
every other Jaguar of a certain age. There are some not very recent
pictures and a nice little Flash movie on my web site at
I’ve recently acquired an interest in an 84 Daimler Sovereign parts car
which I’m currently in the process of stripping of useful parts with
guidance from Tom and Vilis (thanks). So far the list of parts includes the
pepperpot wheels (mine has steel wheels and stainless steel trims that look
something like a Kent), an almost new exhaust system, 7" headlamps (now
winging their way to the USA for transplant onto a black cat), the front and
rear suspension assemblies (for rebuilding and subsequent fitting on my car)
and a host of useful bits and pieces like the air flow meter, ECU, various
relays, wiper motor, alternator and all the instruments, which I’ll store
away for future needs. Just about the only thing I won’t be taking is the
engine and gearbox which are just too big and heavy to transport and store
at my home. I’m also aware that Doberwoman may get stroppy if I start to
leave very large lumps of metal around the place, as well as my Saab that’s
been sitting in the yard for a year or so, waiting for my elder daughter to
reach 17 and get her driving licence (next month).
This weekend I’ll be stripping more stuff off the Daimler and attempting to
find out why the starter inhibitor on the gearbox doesn’t work sometimes. I
think it may be something to do with the selector quadrant on the
transmission box. It’s getting a bit embarrassing not to be able to start
the car sometimes! Although nothing like as embarrassing as having to push
the car backwards into parking spaces, when I lost reverse on the gearbox.
Or having to stop every so often to clean the windscreen when the wiper
motor brushes failed 2 weeks ago. Still, now I’ve fixed that problem, I
actually have 2 speed wipers for the first time. The next task will be to
sort out why the intermittent and self-park functions don’t work.
Ooops! Sorry, didn’t mean to go on so long.
Darkest Northumberland UK
1986 XJ6 SIII===================================================
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