[xj] Re: Leapers

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hate to raise my voice, but can we please move on and forget about

Much heresay has been spread, but please remember leapers were NOT fitted by
the factory on any XJ saloon, whether leapers were put in glove boxes or
not, (and one certainly wasn’t in my grandfathers Series 2 which he bought
new) if you have to get out a drill, and butcher a perfectly good bonnet to
put on a leaper, irrespective of whether it was supplied at a Jaguar dealer
or not is modifying your car.

Perhaps, and we are getting back to heresay again here which I HATE, Jaguar
supplied leapers to its dealers to enable people with tradtional Jaguars
(with factory drilled holes) to replace their stolen motifs? Jaguar do not
just supply parts for the current models.

As XJ’s were not fitted with leapers, and fitting them to you car is
personal taste, can we PLEASE move this topic off list, to the pub, to Mars
or create a “taste” list. This is getting to be as boring as previous posts
on how to polish your car.

Sorry if I have unintentionally ruffled a couple of feathers, which is NOT
the intention… but this thread is getting me beyond a joke, and does nt
help me in any way to manintain my car.

Aaron Goldman
Brisbane Australia
'67 420 with leaper
'67 420 with leaper
'70 420G with leaper
'71 XJ6 with leaper installed by the BLOODY panel beater, as a result,
leaper was stolen, bonnet ruined… and have to get another bonnet.
'77 XJ 4.2 with NO leaper_________________________________________________________________
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