[xj] Re: [Lumps!] TPI Throttle Linkage - cable source?

Chad Bolles wrote:

Though in some part I agree with Greg and others concerning John’s and
their way of doing business, I disagree at this point.
This list is to help ALL Jag-Lovers, if you buy from me or not, it
doesn’t matter. I feel that if you get info from me that helps you out
then one day you may buy from me. If not you may refer others to me,
because I was willing to help, when others were not.
You would be surprised at how much business I get from referral, because
I was willing to help when someone else would not.
My business was built on helping others not just selling them the whole
kit. Take Jim Johnson at SunCoast Conversion, I cannot think how many
people I have sent to him, because he is willing to help.
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Hi, Chad,

I agree with you that the mailing list is the proper place to seek help.
My comments were in response to a post which suggested that John was
unhelpful when he did not provide info requested via a direct call from
someone who had not purchased a John’s Cars kit. I wished to suggest an
alternative view of the situation.

This whole issue is sort of like the “discussion” I had with one of my
sons the other day. Successful relationships are based on give and take.
If one party is in the “take” mode all the time, and “gives” little or
nothing, the relationship generally goes down the toilet before too

The situation is also very similar to calling a software company for
support for an unpurchased pirated program. In the vast majority of
cases, support will not be provided.

I recall one lister I tried to help regarding an overheating problem. I
must have talked to him four or five times, probably a total of a couple
of hours, trying to help him to solve his particular problem. It finally
boiled down to the need for a radiator and we gave him a price. It
developed that he purchased the radiator elsewhere for a tiny amount
less than our quote. While I certainly acknowledge his right to spend
his money where he wishes, I also insist that the majority of my time
(which is by no means unlimited) will be directed to folks who wish to
do some business with us.

I hope all understand that this is by way of being a philosophical
discussion between friends and that there is absolutely no animosity
involved between John, Chad, and myself. We all do business with each
other and, speaking for myself, there is a tremendous amount of respect
toward all parties. Also, the opinions expressed by me in this thread as
mine alone.

Happy New Year to all.

Best regards,

Gregory Wells
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