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thanks, I opened up the trunk, and found that I still have the original
pumps, they look pretty old, their output goes to a T, which then runs to
the original fuel filter, there appears to be a fuel switch on top of the
fuel filter, it has a glass element on the bottom. It looks pretty corroded
and old, and is apparently leaking a little somewhere.

what would be the proper thing to do here, remove the old fuel pumps & rely
on the stock Chevy pump ? that would mean running the outputs of both tanks
to a T, etc.

I guess the switch for the fuel gauges is part of the fuel switch itself.

thanks a lot for the info.

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<< Is it standard
practice to “t” both fuel tanks to the fuel line in such a conversion ? I

In the S1, the fuel pumps (when it had the original engine) are located in
the trunk, underneath the deck. Open the trunk, pull up the carpet, locate
and remove the spare tire, there is a small wood deck that is screwed down
closest to the rear of the car. Remove that. There originally were two
pumps, one for each tank. The fuel lines then lead to the tank switch, from

which one line leads forward to the fuel filter (located next to the spare
tire) and forward to the engine.

On most conversions, the fuel pumps are removed, and the only thing in this
area is the tank switch. This is a simple switch with the two tank lines
input, and one output line leading to the fuel filter.

The mechanical fuel pump located on the V8 engine is sufficient for the fuel


–David Quintana