[xj] Re: ok so there is no 1967 xj12

Svavar: Actually, they didn’t make the V12 xjc (or any xjc) until the mid
1970’s. I am not sure I would trust anything this person has told you about
the car. Locate the data plate on the car (in the engine compartment) for
the date of manufacture. Why would you have to change the electrical system?
If it works, it works.
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Sent: Friday, November 23, 2001 4:44 PM
Subject: ok so there is no 1967 xj12

: i recently bought i jaguar xj12 the guy i bougth it from told me that it
: a 1967 xj12 coupe. but as it turned out they didint make those untill
: wouldnt i have to change out the entire electrical system of such a old
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